why kids shouldn't is series that was made by mjduniverse and religious2 etc. it presents joe/zack doing bad things and then getting grounded

main charactersEdit


a boy with white shirt with 3 blue lines on it. brown boot, CGA Brown Hair. and loves candies he plays things he does things that is not happy to the world. he hates his mom because he is fat and ugly.


a girl, which has crush on joe he has blonde hair red jack and somewhat pants. looks alot like male.


a science baby which have robots creative iedeas ect of future things he is much loving drink bottle play sci fi other of technology.


julie is joe's mom he wears pink robe brown girl hair closed eyes no mouth high fiving hands.

mjduniverse version/main characters Edit

zack Edit

a boy with long right positioned crimson hair crimson pants. he also wears socks.

bailey brute Edit

zack's mom he wears red shirt and his pants is in different color so invisible he wears black hair red lips if zack does something bad his face turns into a angry frown opening/closing his mouth pointing his finger to zack's face and zack opens his mouth crying eyes

Trivia Edit

none of zack's familey is child girl.

Errors Edit

  • Unfortanley, bailey brute does not have a body.
  • The joe wks series are not released to YouTube.
  • Jimmy never appeared in wks, So sad, But it appears in why kids shouldnt babysit.
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