.sploderbladers are inspired popular production tops called beyblade first genispar maked incomplete sploderbladers parts 1 to 7.but nikola44444 now makes his own sploderbladers episodes and never before seen beys such as legendary dragon. mecha robot and neon rex. the weakness applies this Attack Wins Stamina Defense Wins Attack Stamina Beat Defense And Balance No Weak Or Strong (Mix To Win).

the gallery of sploderbladers beys bladers and sprirts are gallery and profiles of various heroes and villains are made in sploder.

Gallery of bladers beys and sprirtsEdit

  • bey 1 legendary rainbow dragon
  • bey 2 hacker susanowo
  • bey 3 phantom ghost
  • bey 4 nitro charger
  • bey 5 metal motorizer
  • bey 6 vulcan tortoise
  • bey 7 trident leviathan
  • bey 8 giant golem
  • bey 9 fire bird phoenix

bey lists nikola44444 made these beys for each member and minionsEdit

legendary dragon attack type user nikola44444Edit

a main bey with dragon based attacks he is evolved by given a hard hit.

appearce a green dragon with wings.

mecha robot stamina type user gamerboy556Edit

a first robotic bey his attack is based of sci fi.

appearce a blue robot with yellow eyes and blaster.

neon rex attack type-defense type ultimate bey user omegaEdit

a parody of nightmare rex his attacks are sword and dinosaur based.

appearce a Anthropomorphic T rex with giant sword.

red tiger attack type user timi4Edit

a wild cat bey his bladed ring scratch everything.

appearce a red tiger with scars on eyes.

phantom ghost balance type user maiphantomhiveEdit

a first female bey she has a botanical attacks

appearce a pink ghost with fans.

giant golem defense type user geodesignerEdit

a giant burly bey he is so heavy that can make mazes

appearce a rock golem with purple trainer outfit.

blue falcon and blue jay balance type user futuremillionareEdit

a all around bey with his own car if this bey wins for futuremillionare is one million

appearce a blue jay and green eyes captain falcons helmet and his own blue falcon car from F zero series.

poison string stamina type used vaxenEdit

a insect bey he has a poison based attacks

appearce a spooky black spider with red eyes.

spiral dolphin balance type used abe27633Edit

well rounded bey his balance is good only in water

appearce a dolphin with horn.

stringer hornet balance type used thedarksunEdit

a flying bey his attacks are swarms

appearce a giant hornet.

minion bot balance type user minionsEdit

these robotic enemes most of them used by minions

appearce a gray drones with cannon.

metal motorizer balance type user commandoEdit

a evil machine that used for battle

apperace a evil machine like thing with arm blaster.

ice and fire knight balance type user religious2Edit

this bey has two element in one

appearce a halve of fire and ice knights.

skull aligator stamina type user vaxen2Edit

a skull crocodile with sharp claws and ring

appearce a undead skeletal crocodile.

rainbow legend dragon attack defense and stamina type ultimate bey used nikola44444 evolved beyEdit

a ultimate bey he is evolved after getting hard scratch his attack defense and stamina boosted very extremely high

appearce more powerful and bigger than original.

flux(nova when is thedarklord555 defeated) dragon attack type used thedarklord555Edit

a dragon whcih is has two sides good(nova) evil(flux)

appearce these twin dragons (one is white and light) (second is purple and flux)

magma phoenix stamina type user scyptileEdit

a bey which he lost and reborns once per battle

appearce a phoenix.

ancient motorizer balance ultimate bey user commanderEdit

a evolved bey from motorizer which has a dragon head like arm

appearce a bigger and powerful version with dragon head like arm.

flame bird phoenix stamina user scyptile evolved .coming soon.Edit

a evoved bey he can now use reborn where want on field

appearce bigger phoenix.

trident leviathan balance user chloride2Edit

a balanced bey a dragon with trident attrached on tail

appearce a sea dragon with trident armed with tail.

pizza crab defense type user pizzalaEdit

a defensive bey with two grand claws

appearce a cancer with two great pinchers,

nitro charger stamina type used aca12344555Edit

first transformer this bey can change attack and stamina modes

appearce a racing car robot,

vulcan tortoise defense type used magmionEdit

a slowest bey he is too slow which can summon meteors

appearce a yellow red tortoise with meteor like shell.

hacker susanowo attack type used domezoEdit

a parody of bakusin susanow this samurai can slice machines in half

appearce a shogun with a big katana.

shift parasaurolophus stamina type used legendarymarkoEdit

a fastest bey it has very high chance to dodge very fast

appearce 4 legged parasaurolophus.

twin head eagle defense type used timerider567Edit

a parody of earth eagle. his design inspired by coat of arms

appearce a white eagle with two heads.

glitch beetle defense type used glitchmasterEdit

a beetle bey his gravity based attack will upside down battle.

appearce a blue beetle with many legs.

pyromaniac dragon attack type used flamingdragonsEdit

a brother of golden dragon his attacks are fiery high

appearce a fire dragon.

golden dragon defense type used goldendragon6Edit

a brother of pyromaniac dragon his attack are golden high

appearce a gold dragon

flame leapord defense type used poostudiosEdit

a fast defense beyblade that uses fire-based attacks his combination is giraffe and lion

appearce both giraffe and lion with fire pallete colors.

lord excalibur defense type used maxliamEdit

parody of gravity destroyer his special move is based of excalibur myth

appearce a chess king with legs.

platinum shield defense type used deathleafEdit

a grand shield weared by a warrior that shield cannot be broken

appearce a knight with two shields.

tornado buster stamina type used bijesnazabaEdit

half tornado and half warrior that combination is unknown

appearce a warrior with tornados.

photon  tomahawk attack type used davidmasonEdit

indian styled bey his tomahawk can cut trees

appearce a indian warrior.


  • it was sploder version of beyblade.
  • any beys are parodies from beyblade theme.
  • one of beys are inspired by F zero series
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