Sploder: The Movie is an upcoming 2014 movie made by Paramount. 


As a Sploder player plays Sploder, each game is glitched. If it isn't fixed soon, then Sploder will have to be discontinued forever. But the main character of each game isn't taking that for just glitches. They will never give up until they win...

Run timeEdit

1 hour 38 minutes 53 seconds


All Countries: PG


US: Sploder: The Movie

UK: Sploder: The Movie

Spain: El Sploder Película

France: Sploder: un film

Sweden: En Sploder Blockbuster

Japan: Sploder作品

Russia: Sploder Фильм

Brazil: Sploder: O Filme

Thailand: Sploder: ภาพยนตร์

Vietnam: Sploder: Phim

Israel: מפוצץ: הסרט

Total Countries: 12

Release DateEdit

US: April 20, 2014

UK: April 5, 2014

Spain: March 27, 2014

France: April 16, 2014

Sweden: April 1, 2014

Japan: April 21, 2014

Russia: April 12, 2014


  • At the beginning when the Sploder player is walking to his laptop, his top is blue. In the next scene, it is yellow. In the next scene, it is blue again. At the end, his top is red.
  • Near the end, the Sploder characters have a disco. The disco ball is moving. For a few seconds, it stops. Then it starts moving again.
  • In this movie, the Ninja's faces are red. On Sploder, they are green.
  • Near the start when the Platformer Hero says "Hey, what are you guys doing?" his mouth doesn't move at "Hey" and "Doing."
  • His leg is also not connected to his foot for a split second.
  • At one point, Geoff puts a "Out of Order" sign on Sploder. It faces the playing kid. But when it goes back inside Sploder, the sign is facing the Sploder characters.
  • When the Physics Puzzle Hero says "This is the end, people.", his mouth moves like he is saying something else.
  • At one point in the movie, the Physcics Puzzle Hero isn't present for two minutes. 


  • This is a hard piece of information to explain. Each country got the movie on different Easter's. US got the date of Easter 2014, UK got the 2015 Easter (in 2014) and so on.
  • It is the longest movie.
  • It can be watched on Bluryvison TV.


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