Mjduniverse is a member of Sploder. He joined on July 3, 2012, and was online for 1 day. He left Sploder for 9 months. He got famous when he published the game "Why kids shouldn't get frogs".


During that first day, he made a game called "Game 1" and left his avatar unchanged. He left Sploder for 9 months, and published the game on April 4, 2013. His first ever comment was "A quiz!". He became famous when he published the game "Why kids shouldn't get frogs". Then, he made his first hit ever "A kid who had infinte candy" which has 600+ views. A few weeks later he made a game called "A kid who meet slenderman". It was a hit with 1000+ views. When head3000 started making hate games, he was one of the ones who fought her. On head3000's alt "ImmaHead", Head3000 started making hate games about mjduniverse and other members being killed by May, Mjduniverse reported ImmaHead to the Forums and she got banned. During that time Mjduniverse's views skyrocked a thousand views every week. Mjduniverse was denounced by Redstorm97 and almost got banned by him. When he joined the forums, he was being hated and many called him a noob and gave him many smites. When Mjduniverse made the game series "Sceptile's revenge", his views doubled from 4,000 views to 8,000 views. Mjduniverse continues making games and got his views to to 17,000 views. The reason he is famous with some people is because of the Mjduniverse Series (The johnny family).

His WebsiteEdit

Mjduniverse owns a website called He also owns a forum.

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