He is an adventurous kid who's 13 and is a sploder guardian.

Misswinky/DealwithitDewott the MovieEdit

This was when he debuted. He had a gem called a pokegem and it allowed him to turn into a dewott.

Sploder MastersEdit

In this series he was part of a group made by ExplorerX made to stop the dark lord. After he was defeated Explorer left him in charge of the team.

Sploder HeroesEdit

He then made a cameo to appear in sploder heroes.

Sploder Jurassic ParkEdit

He is one of the survivors in Sploder jurassic park.

Midnatwili the MovieEdit

He is in the sequel to Misswinky the movie and has a pikigem to allow him to turn into a white pikmin.

Sceptile's RevengeEdit

He appears in Sceptile's revenge as one of the Anti-Head3000 group.

The Soul MenEdit

In this series he was trapped in a cave with Gamerdeath722, Rich3001k, and Clockrunner.


He appears in this series and is in a group with Axiadin and Dolphin72. He got teleported into the Pokemon world by high-fiveing Ethan after deafeating Dark Lance.

Sploder the MovieEdit

He appears in part 6 as part of the anti-bullying group along withMJDuniverseand GreenDino11.

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