boss series are copyable series that game as only bosses here are lists for bosses.

Boss listEdit

1 Cannon joe.Edit

a cannon which shoots 3 bullet bills in row and skull mark.

2 Monty the month ghost.Edit

a ghost which absorb energy from sploderians that havent by months his enemies are boo and dry bones he defends with hypnotizing.

3 Satellite N.O.O.B (nuclear optic orbit beta).Edit

a satellite boss which fire 2 lasers and 2 bombs.

4 Computer virus.Edit

these three crystal viruses are weaker and easier but with some attacks red can attack meteors which 1 hit KO players blue shoots water which costs a live and green shoots a grass and one penality.

5 Dual pet robot.Edit

these are robotic dog and cat combined in the one beast dog attacks throw a bones and cat attacks which throws bomb like a wool. first boss with weak spots.

6 Trigger happy.Edit

a small robot with laser gun he has 5 weak spots to explode. first boss with timer.

7 Cannon joe V2.Edit

a updated version of original cannon joe he can now 2 instead 1 blasters but still has a bullet bills. this is a basic hardest boss in the series.

8 Billy bomber.Edit

a battle combat robot created by owl he shots bombs to destroy everything on path.

9 Monty revenge.Edit

a monty seeks revenge from losing he now has ultimate true form and more boos than dry bones.

Last 4 (coming soon)Edit

these sub themes are only unlocked by making 9 bosses and there are lists these are rally strong bosses no weaker are here

Black leader.Edit

an archenemy of awesome team series


a archenemy of blockhead and general he uses several machines to stop player

1 He fires a deadly beam surive to win or be destroyed

2 he captures your pet and shows laser and deadly beam and shoots destroy laser to win

3 destroy the arm and save your pet

4 he uses blockead and fires munitions if 15 out attack and destroy arm to win

5 he making walls and slider save the blockhead before you fall down to pit

6 he fires 20 deadly beams if 20 out destroy a robot

7 prolouge nikola44444 succed to destroy machine and grabs owl unti explode every machine and owl goes to prison


a sergant of movie his shocks are deadly


a king of all noobs and archenemy of nikola44444 he uses a deadly machines to destroy this boss is combined with owl black leader 404 storm and superion


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