The 3D Platformer Game Maker is a game maker where you can create 3D games using Models. You can create your own Models using the Model Editor. In the model editor,you can make character models,item models,and tile models.

Player modelsEdit

You can use any of the default enemy models,or the default models. The default models are Blockhead,the Arcade Creator male hero,and the female hero.


This will be made soon.


This will be made soon.

Ways to beat levelsEdit

This will be made soon.


  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Hill
  • Snow
  • Blue Ground
  • Cave Floor
  • Cave Celing
  • Stone
  • Mountain
  • Weak Floor
  • TechFloor
  • Water
  • Lava
  • Acid
  • Pipe
  • House
  • More coming soon.


The player character can have abilities that can be used by pressing the z,x,c,v,and b keys.

They will be listed soon.